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Donate to the Village

We have grown in the past years to a thriving community making a real difference in enhancing the quality of life for many adults 50+ in the Petaluma/Penngrove area. Donations help provide for the salary of our half-time Manager and quarter-time Administrative Assistant.

They also cover office rental and expenses, liability insurance, office supplies, and the Membership Partners Program, our subsidized membership fund for people living on limited incomes. 

The 220+ Villages nationwide average up to 75% of their revenue from member fees, and the remainder primarily from donations – which is true for us as well.

Please join the growing list of community members whose generous contributions have helped build a thriving and sustainable Village that can be here for all of us as we grow older.

To donate by credit card:

Click the Donate button to make a credit card donation. 



You'll be asked to indicate whether you’d like to contribute to the 
General Fund 
or to the 
Partners Fund

To donate by check:

Make your check payable to
"Village Network of Petaluma"

and mail to: 

Village Network of Petaluma

P.O. Box 442
Petaluma, CA 94953

The Village Network of Petaluma is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our federal tax number is: #81-4080081

“As a member, I’m glad to be making a financial contribution to the Village. I am happy to donate to such an important organization making a big difference in the lives of so many older adults in our community.” 


2019-2020 Donors to the Village Network
are Deeply Appreciated!

We deeply appreciate all the generous individuals and organizations listed below who contributed this year to help sustain our growing Village. 
Your donations make a big difference in helping us build a sustainable community and also include 

 more older adults living on limited incomes.

We Gratefully Acknowledge Our Diamond Sponsors



Sequoia Senior Solutions
Provider of professional Home Care services since 2003. 
Also providing Home Care training to family caregivers.



PEP Housing
Petaluma United Methodist Church
Rebuilding Together Petaluma

Among many other contributions, PEP Housing provided a home for the Village from 2018-19 and continues to participate in our Membership Partners Program for older adults living on limited incomes. Petaluma United Methodist Church is the site of the new Village home and is also our newest community partner. Rebuilding Together Petaluma partnered with the Village at its inception, providing an early home for us and, most recently, an upgrade for our new home. We deeply appreciate you all.


Rip City Riders
Summit State Bank
Steve & Carolyn Gavriloff, Westgate Real Estate
Jeff Lyons, Adobe Creek Funeral Home
Vince Giovacchini, Giocacchini Construction
Jeff Morgan, the Spanos Corporation
In memory of Alex & Faye Spanos
Rev. Daniel Green, St. John’s Episcopal Church
Dr. Myrtle Heery, International Institute for Humanistic Studies


Individual Donors
$500 to $3000
Robert Bailey and Mary King
Wayne & Robin Guptill
Fatima Lassar
Sid & Gerry Lipton
Pat Martin
Becky Devine

$100 to $499
Anonymous, in memory of Lynn Knudson
Meredith Cahn & Samuel Doctors
Sally Krahn, in memory of Lynn Knudson
Margaret Kullberg, in memory of Dick Wilcox
Kathy Lawrence & Rod Fraser
Robert Leichtner, in honor of Ruby Palmer
Leslie Quadres, in memory of Harold Quadres
Cynthia Rathkey
Mike & Sue Riley
Diane Thackery
Marvin & Lynn Weinbaum
George Young & Kelly Corbett

Margo McDowell
Up to $100
Bridie Acton
Richard Allen
Joanne Martin Braun
Lyndi Brown & Anthony Tusler, 
in honor of Anne & Paul Greenblatt

Dennis & Carolyn Buss
Helene des Rosiers, in memory of her
father Jean-Paul

Marilyn Gambonini
Tina Hittenberger
Freeman Humphrey
Kathleen Kestelyn
Lynn Knudson
Nancy Jean Kull
Harvey & Darcy Levy
Kit Lofroos
John Mazzella
Maryann McCourt
Robert & Nancy McFarland
Paul Mihaly
David & Cheryl Perry
Starr Rohrman
Shadi Shamsavari
Pamela Torliatt
Donna von Edelkrantz

We Deeply Appreciate This
Year’s Donors to 
Our Membership Partners Program Fund

– for Subsidized Members Living on
Limited Incomes –


Kiwanis Club of Petaluma
Summit State Bank
Maria do Ceu, Out West Garage
William McDevitt, Jr., McDevitt Construction Co.
Rotary Club of Petaluma Foundation
Rabbi Ted Feldman, B’nai Israel Jewish Center
Rev. Michael Culligan, St. James Church

$500 - $1000

Patricia Arfsten
Stacy Banas, in gratitude for Village member/volunteer Joellen Aymond
George & Ellen Beeler
Becky Devine
Liz Warren

$100 - $499

J.E. Bukszar
Colleen Campbell
Mel & Ann Fox
Paul & Sherry Eklof
Terri Johnson
Scotti Kluess
Diane Judd & Ronald Krempetz
Jan Littman
Len Nelson
Alice Rebizzo

Up to $100
Diane & John Benjamin
James & Harriet Coyne
Earl & Micky Dolcini
Mark Ederer
Sue Firkus
John Haugen & Lorraine Graves
Richard Levinson
Harvey & Darcy Levy
Tiaga Liner
Beverly Miller
Kathleen Redd
Regina Reilly
Vreni Schnirman

Our Social and Associate Members Are
Donors to the Village Network

(all but $50/year of their membership fee is a charitable contribution)

Avra Alexiedes
Steve Ayala
Barbara Badham
Bob and Pat Barnette
George & Ellen Beeler
Jeannie Bendik
Mabry Brayton
Vina Breyfogle
Lyndi Brown
Laura Burns
Shiah Cherney
Suzanne Clarke
Lita Clear-Sky
Jayne Dito
Paul & Sherry Eklof
Robert Gallup
Lynn Harenberg
Martha Helland
Anne & Paul Greenblatt
Camille Jordan
Sue Jusaitis
Fatima Lassar
Darcy Levy
Sally McCaffrey
Brigid McWeeney
Suzanne Miller
Teresa Nelson
Glendora Norwood
Judith Pekala
Lona Poehlmann
Martha Reed
Marianne Seltenrich
Barbara Stagg
Bob Stires & Gaye Kelly
William Luther
Gail Wilson



David Adams
Quality Printing
Vicki Skiver
Full Charge Bookkeeper
Yvonne Kleinfeld and Penelope Kane
Yvonne Kleinfeld, CPA, Bookkeeping and Accounting Services
Denise Billings