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Village Network of Petaluma to become Independent

Anne Greenblatt  | Published on 12/5/2016
The Village Network of Petaluma will become an independent non-profit organization as of January 1, 2017!

When we launched the Village Network 2 - 1/2 years ago, we chose to ally ourselves with a Community Initiatives of San Francisco as our fiscal sponsor providing accounting, HR and administrative services for us (for a fee), as a new startup nonprofit.  We are ready to take over these functions.

Will there be any noticeable differences in our services, operations, etc?  Very little.  Our Steering Committee has transformed into our Board.  We will be switching to a different credit card processor.  Our background checking will be handled by a different supplier.  The main difference will be that, when you write us a check (for membership or donation), it should now be payable to “Village Network of Petaluma."

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this change.  We plan to keep on offering strong community, support, and  services as we continue to build a thriving Village Network of Petaluma. We thank you for being part of our growing community!

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